Thursday, March 23, 2006

Update: Happenings Since the January Evolutionary Salon

Among the many things that have grown out of or were profoundly influenced by the January Evolutionary Salon are the following:
  • Not only are we convening Evolutionary Salon 3 in May and another group is convening an Evolutionary Salon for Philanthropy in June, but there are serious explorations underway regarding a variety of other Evolutionary Salons and strategic conversations, including
    • "Evolutionary Salon 3.5" for the San Francisco Bay Area
    • Evolutionary salon on the evolutionary edge of software development and process arts
    • A "story field" salon to bring together sustainability/evolution experts and storytellers in open space
    • A spiritual leaders Evolutionary Salon
    • An Evolutionary Salon for retreat centers which have a Great Story orientation
  • Evolutionary Nexus has been one of the most active post-conference sites many of us have ever been part of, a powerful sign of the energies released by the January Salon.
  • Along with Danish colleagues, four salonistas -- Finn Voldhofte, Ria Baeck, Tom Atlee, and George Por -- convened a "Moving the Edge" conference in Denmark this month about the role of collective intelligence in moving the edge of evolution. They are inspired by the Evolutionary Salon, and one of their Danish colleagues even wrote about the "field effects" she experienced in Denmark during our January salon. You can read reflections and proceedings from the conference.
  • Several salonistas have been exploring how to identify some of the "memes" and "design elements" that could help us understand and guide powerful evolutionary social creativity.
  • Work is underway to create a wiki (a co-creative, participatory website) that was born at a session at ES2. Associated with Evolutionary Nexus, but using the kind of wiki platform used by Wikipedia, it will provide some space for some orderly exploration of evolutionary spirituality, evolutionary science, and evolutionary social creativity.
  • A weekly evolutionary spirituality group initiated by two salonistas in Eugene, OR, has just completed a 6 week pilot, and is consciously evolving into an organizing group for four different local evolutionary gatherings every month.
  • Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow are identifying the varieties of evolutionary awakenings or ah-ha's -- when the epic of evolution roots itself in someone's mind, heart and soul as the sacred, meaningful Great Story -- and are developing them into a book of keys to evolutionary awakening. This is closely related to their other emerging work on
    evolutionary psychology and ethics.
Dozens of other conversations and connections have been rippling out into the world since the Salon. We hope you will tell us about some that you have been involved in. Visit us on the web and ad your story!

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