Friday, May 05, 2006

Inviting a Practice of Collective Reflection

Martin Ehrensvärd, George Por and Ashely Cooper joined together for a conference call for stewarding the Evolutionary Nexus site. The call began with 10 minutes of meditation. During this time a deep field of connectedness wove itself around us, opening us into a breathtaking conversation. We observed that at the heart of our work together is observing the practices and principles we engage... this is our emerging story... the essence... being conscious and present to/with the experience.

At Evolutionary Nexus, we wish to create a space where members of the community feel inspired and supported in noticing.

Vibrating with gratitude of connecteness, naming our practices with smiles on our faces we could hear the future that is emerging... she is very happy!!

We decided to stay in connection with the field that arose and do 15 minutes of spontaneous writing after hanging up. Each our our personal writings is posted in the wiki pages and below.

Spinning out from a resonant field of conversation and being together with body, mind, heart and soul. I am in awe of the ways in which my being is humming right now… there is a sense of reverence, I feel my body in a prayer-full position my palms open, … a dance of joy and connectedness radiating through space.

The essence of what is emerging: Connectedness is the heart of what is. We are being granted an opportunity to offer social practices to the world. We are being granted an opportunity to listen to what is emerging and share with a greater whole that which is heard. We are volunteering to show-up. We are volunteering to be of service. We are open-heartedly embracing practices for falling in love… for helping love to be known… for accentuating the essence of connectedness… for offering fluid channels for experiencing the throbbing beauty of connectedness.

~ ~ ~ S i l e n c e ~ ~ ~

I am drenched in a silent stillness of reverence.
I am bubbling with an ecstatic joy of ‘YES!’.
I am inquisitively wandering through the mindscape of potential and possibility that is making herself known. I am riveted by the social practices being born and the opportunity to play, explore and experiment with what we are discovering.

My mind and heart are buzzing. My mind wants to sink down into the heart essence and name, articulate, express the juice and content of the ‘buzz’. And there is a sweet voice that gently says… Be patient dear one. It is present and you are listening… that is all that matters.

And a sigh of gratitude and a grin of acceptance. I don’t have to DO anything. Be present, awake, listening and honoring. Breathe.

Hearing you through the headset in is very different from hearing you through the handset. All noises of my physical environment is filtered out and I hear your voice speaking to me, in me. Sometimes I can even hear and fall in synch with your gentle rhythm of breath. "Old souls" are resting and vibrating in the cyberwinds, surrendered to the ecstasy of co-creation.

Now it is evolution the experiencer. Here, as in thousands of conversations around the planet in this very moment, it is noticing how its work is advancing. "Aha, they are tasting my delicious fruits that only co-creators can taste! I ripened for them while they were tuning in with one another and the field of their shared energy and enthusiasm. A taste that they will never forget…"

To me, it is like an experience of imaginal cells ( ) meeting and recognizing one another, each of which is carrying a portion of the genetic material that informs them about who they can be and what their work can be together… It's been enthused, sacred moments with you on the phone, deeply intimate yet nothing personal about them. Paying profound attention to you in our silent communion, as my teachers in that exquisite moment, I knew that we always will receive guidance to the passionate questions of our pure heart.

Staying connected. Sensing the field. Feeling the sense of being. Looking at my urge to act and to do and accomplish. I notice that I can let go of this urge, at least for a little while, and allow the sense of being to grow. I sense a slight apprehension when I allow the sense of being to fill me, and I understand why it is easy for me to forget being and get lost in doing – there is some fear there. And yet, creativity and sense of meaning come from my connection with being.

As I sit here, writing, and I know that you, my friends, are sitting and writing too, it is easier for me to let the sense of being merge with my writing. Gratitude. I think again of the importance for Nexus to inspire connectedness in as many ways as possible. The option of lighting a cyber candle as you enter the site comes to mind, in addition to Ashley’s suggestions of introducing an online bell and still screen. Or other ways of inspiring a more mindful cyber behaviour than the more or less automatic mental, sort of disconnected, not-anchored-in-the-body behaviour. The behaviour that I so easily slip into, even when writing this. I am reminded to embrace my not-so-mindful behaviour and let go of the thought that non-mindfulness is something to be avoided or shunned. Perhaps nothing needs to be shunned internally, just embraced with mindfulness and gratitude.

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